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BMTC Bus Routes

The city of Bangalore is located in area of 741 square kilometers and BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) operate buses to almost every part of the city for the convenience of the travelers. It is practically impossible for a person to have knowledge of each and every bus route of the city. Moreover, there are always more than one bus heading to a particular destination and to keep a track of all the bus numbers can be quite a task while you canít even just keep waiting for a bus without knowing when it will arrive.

What you need is extensive information on which bus will head to which place in the city and what is the route that it will cover. Our Bangalore Bus Route Finder helps you to do just the same. All you are required to do is enter the name of the place you want to reach and you will get numbers of all the buses that will head to your destination or you can also find all the intermediate stands of a particular bus by entering the bus number.

So, next time you need to spot any place in Bangalore, rely on the Bangalore Bus Route Finder.

Last Updated on 11/4/2011

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