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Bangalore Metro Map

Bangalore Metro Map

The city of Bangalore got its very own Metro rail on October 20, 2011 after a long and patient wait on the end of the citizens of the city. The Bangalore Metro Map, also known as the Namma Metro Map provides users with information on the destinations and stations the Bangalore Metro covers. The Bangalore Metro has been named Namma Metro, which in Kannada means "Our Metro". Since not all stations on the Bangalore Metro line are open yet, the metro map of Bangalore points out the stations those are currently operational so that people wishing to use the Bangalore metro have clear information on which station they can take the train from.

The Map of Bangalore locates the Bangalore Metro, including which stations it is currently serving and which stations are in the pipeline. The Namma Metro Map is an excellent tool for the citizens of Bangalore who are new to the metro rail network and also visitors of the city who would like to use the Bangalore Metro to get around the city in a most cost effective and convenient manner.

The Bangalore metro map displays the proposed stations that the network plans to cover the red and the currently operational stations in green. The stations that the Bangalore Metro is currently serving are:
  • Byappanahalli
  • S.V.Road
  • Indira Nagar
  • Trinity
  • MG Road
  • Halasuru
The Bangalore metro map also points out other important places in the city that people would be interested to visit while traveling to Bangalore. We suggest that visitors should keep a copy of the Bangalore Metro Map with them while traveling on the Namma Metro to aid in ease of travel and avoid any confusion.

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