The City of Garden

Culture and Festivals of Bangalore

Bangalore is among the most cosmopolitan cities in India. It is the melting pot of a number of cultures and traditions. It is believed that almost 62 percent of the cities population is immigrants, making it one of the most ethnically diverse cities in India.

The advent of liberalization also has a huge hand in shaping the modern culture of the city. The culture of Bangalore can be clearly reflected in the food habits, nightlife and language of the people. The culture of the city has undergone a sea change over the last few years but still the traditions and moral values remain intact. Dance and music which are an inseparable part of the culture of Karnataka still hold an important place in the city.

The city of Bangalore is always bustling with life. It bears a rich traditional culture while festivals are a part of the lives of the people. Some of the most celebrated traditional festivals in Bangalore are; Karaga, Yakshagana, Ganesh Chaturthi, Makara Sankranthi (Pongal), Ugadi, Eid ul-Fitr, and Christmas etc. Dussehra which is the state festival can be said to be the most important festival in Bangalore. Even Deepavali is celebrated with a lot of excitement, love and vigor. People celebrate all the festivals with equal zeal and enthusiasm forgetting all caste and language biases.

Bangalore is an important center for Indian classical dance and music. Dance recitals and classical music are held all through the year and specially during Ramanavami or Ganesha Chaturthi. Bangalore has a lively “Kannada Theater” that organizes various theatres and programs. Rock concerts also take place in Bangalore. Thus cultures and festivals in Bangalore are something to be watched for and an experience worth remembering.

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